Projects under development

The Mama Norah Education Centre

The Mama Norah Education Centre is the name of the school being built in Wagwe Kenya by the Kenya Project at SSHL. The goal is to build a complete primary school with continuing education in sewing/tailoring, carpentry/joinery, and agriculture.

2012 saw the groundbreaking of the first classrooms. A preschool class with 40 six year olds opened its doors on January 6th, 2014.

The village of Wagwe lies in Kobiero in the Nyanzaprovinsen near Lake Victoria in Kenya. The area has 8,000 inhabitants of which two thirds are under the age of 18.
The photo shows construction of the first schoolhouse.

Solar Powered Clean Water
Solar Powered Clean Water

Solar Powered Clean Water initiative

We work together with the Swedish invention Solvatten (Sunwater). Every week, citizens of Wagwe meet in a study circle to learn about clean water and and the health and environmental effects of water purification. Members are allowed to borrow the Solvatten solar powered purification cans weekly. It is our hope to fundraise for donations to arrange for the micro financing of solar powered purification cans for private use in Wagwe.

In addition, a sustainable sanitary system called Eco Loo has been installed at the Mama Norah Education Centre, as well as access to fresh drinking water through the Lifesaver C2 system.

Adult Education: Learning for Life

We are planning a seamstress/tailoring continuing education program and have received a starting donation for that purpose which has been used to purchase land for the Sewing House. The Sewing House program is primarily for the students who will not be continuing in higher education. They will learn subsistence sewing as well as study professional sewing and dressmaking courses. The program will begin in a small scale during 2014 as funds need to be raised to build a proper facility.

Location of the Mama Norah Education Centre in Wagwe, Kenya
Location of the Mama Norah Education Centre in Wagwe, Kenya

Educational Trips

We travel to Kenya with groups to follow the progress and participate in the development of the Mama Norah Education Centre. During our trips we have different focuses, including visiting similar projects and other villages and schools. We also develop and chair our relationship with the local administration. We live in Wagwe and take an active part in the everyday life of the village.

November 2011: Nina, Alice
  • Inauguration of our plot of land
  • Visiting our scholarship students
  • Visit to the Swedish school in Nairobi
November 2012: Roland, Karin, Alice
  • Started the building
  • Created the local administration in Wagwe
  • Visit to St Christines
  • Visit to Kobala Osodo secondary school
June 2013: Nina, Karin, Hulda, Mats, 11 students from SSHL
  • Trip with students from SSHL
  • Worked at the school building
  • Visit to Kobala Osodo secondary school
  • Visit to Odongo mixed secondary school
  • Safari in Nakuru national park
  • Masai Market in Nakuru
December 2013 / January 2014: Nina, Sallie, Roland, Hulda, Alice
  • Grand opening ceremony at Mama Norah’s
April 2014: Trip with students from SSHL