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A new academic year starts at Mama Norahs!

We have now started the thirds academic year at the Mama Norah Eduacation Centre. Another 20 students have been admitted and we are now having 100 students. 2 new teachers have are added to the team and we are looking forward to follow our student at the academic year of …

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After graduation volounteers

In oktober 2014 we had 2 extra participants on the trip. It was Linnea Plöen and Jessica Simpson. Linnea just graduated from university with a bachelor in political science being a SSHL gradue in 2010. Jessica graduated the IB program at SSHL 2014. They both decided to spend 6 weeks …

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Third volounteer trip! / Tredje resan med elever till Wagwe

In October 2014 we made the third trip to Wagwe. This time the main event was to install solar panels at the school to get electricity and light. We gambled high and brought two solar panels as checked in luggage!!! Thank you Qatar Airways for your generous luggage measurements!

We …

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Merry Christmas! It’s soon time for the grand opening!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.…

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SSHL staff helps staff in Kenya

The staff at SSHL are now together helping with the staff cost at Mama Norah´s Education Centre.

By spending a smal amount every month we make a big difference for the staff in Kenya. One month pay in Kenya is about 600 Sek.The Education Centre are now empoying 2 teachers, …

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