After breakfast, we all went to the site, where some of us started to plant seeds into the field that we had prepared the days before and the others kept on applying mortar on the walls. We planted tomatoes, onions, beans and sweet potatoes, which we later covered with a layer of grass to protect them from the sun. After some hours of work, we returned to the house to have lunch, which was very healthy and nutritious, consisting of french fries, popcorn and coke. When we were all filled up with grease and carbs, we changed clothes and hopped on motorcycles in pairs to get to the village next door, where there was a market. At the market, you could find everything from clothes and different types of fabrics to food, knives, radios and sculptures of Jesus with his lambs. After having wandered around for about an hour, we all gathered for a soda at a local shop before getting to the motorcycles again. On top of everything, and to get some more taste of the Kenya experience, mine and Oskar’s motorcycle even got a flat tire. Back at the house, we had dinner and then just sat in the living room all evening, chatting and knitting undies for Gabriel.

/Linda Clément


Today was a bit different than the previous days.

I’ve become a mother. This Sunday Nina’s goat had twins, a brown one and a white one. The white one we’ve named Charlie and is the younger one, problem being that Charlie is repelled by his mother and she refuses to feed him/her (we’re still not quite sure which one). Today we attempted to force his mother to feed him, and when that didn’t work we milked her with a baby bottle and I got to feed Charlie from that, don’t think I’ve done anything more adorable. /Oskar Tapper.
Otherwise, today the girls started off their day by visiting the current local school, where they read stories and jumped skipping ropes, while the boys went to the construction site, where cement was mixed manually, windows were put in place, and mortar was used to even out surfaces. After an unusual lunch consisting of popcorn and soda, we swapped places. The girls went to the construction site where they covered the walls in cement, a very difficult process, and put up more windows and a door. The boys headed off to the school to play football, where they met a far superior group of players, who out of generosity would fake mistakes so that their guests could score. The girls returned covered in cement, the boys drenched in sweat. The ensuing shower was primitive and cold, but by far one of the most appreciated. Nina had been at a meeting with one of the main figures of the regional government, who had showered her and the project with praise, strengthening our resolve to work hard, as we felt appreciated. A lovely meal of chickens, slaughtered earlier that day, was enjoyed, and we all settled down to play cards, knit, and read.

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