Monday 24 June

Picture from the site

Today was our second last dag at the site, we hoped to be able to start paint in the first classroom, but the delivery of paint was delayed. So we kept on plastering, cleaned the area and planted bushes along the fence. We can now see the first vegetables coming up from the seeds we put down last week. It was really hot and some of us got overheated by the sun and had to stay home in the afternoon. Nina, Paul ,Hulda and Joel went to meet the district water officer to get informed about a project from the government that will take water to Wagwe. They came back happy since it is already planned to reach the hospital that is located very close to our site, and we then only need to rise funds for the connecting part and our water tank
We have also discussed with the local chief to have an extra outlet for the people living close to our site and thereby we might get some help with the finding, but most important, we are helping more people!

In the evening the weather changed for the first time, we had thunder and lightning and a really heavy rain. Some had trouble sleeping since we have metalroof and no ceiling ;-) . This night the rain kept us awake instead of the dogs…

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