Sunday 23 june

Today we had a resting day, most people stayed around the house and relaxed, read or just sat in the sun. Nina and Karin went around meeting people responsible for different parts of the project. Karin are the head of some agricultural projects, she has helped the local school to set up some new seedbeds and Nina had meetings with John our accountant and Washington our team leader at the site, planning were to build the water tank, and a shadowed area for outdoor lessons and dining hall. Nina also went with Paul and the surveillor to set out the new piece of land that we now are buying. Death is always around in all families, and as they meet with the land owner it turned out that his wife died two weeks ago after giving birth to twins. You can’t hide from the destiny here and sometimes it is just a little to hard. Luckily the family will now have money to buy clean water and that increases the children’s chans to manage a lot.

In the afternoon Wagwe football team played another game and after watching that we handed out all the children’s clothes that we had brought with us. It was both nice and terrible. In the evening we had a lot of discussions about different kind of activities, purpose and goal achievement. I guess these thought will be reviewed over and over again.

Posted on 01.07.2013 in In Kenya