Thursday 25 june

Our last day in Wagwe. We all went to the site to prepare for the big meeting. We had invited the local administration to come and see our site and the school building. Together with Washington and his workers we cleaned one of the rooms and set up for the meeting there.

Karin was nervous that all the seeds should be washed away after the rain, but everything was ok as we came up and the bean sprouts are now over 10 cm! After 6 days!

As African time apply, the meeting called for at 10 o’clock started at 11:45.
We expected 10-15 guests plus us and the workers and it were about 75-80 people attending the meeting.

Joel and Mats had to go several times to buy soda so that we could offer everybody that came a treat. Our neighbor baked mandasis.

All guests were very happy about our project and the local chief and his men gave us their official support in all maters and promised to care for our security. It is a little scary to see how much the project means for the localization, but also wonderful to see that it has already helped so many people. Our plan is to start the school in January and the elderly will now assist our admission committee to make sure that we have the best mix of children.
It was a successful meeting and after that everybody went back home to finish the last work in the village.
At Sanda school we did a follow up with the garden project and also met clas 6 that want to make penpals with our class 7.
George that will take care about the Solvattenproject, founded by the UF company JK care got all the material for that, we checked little Charlotte, the goat again.

We had a lot of infant clothes left and with those we went to the local hospital, dispensary station. There we met the manager and the nurse responsible for HIV- positive mothers and their children. They run a successful project with medicine for the mothers and profylaxmfor the children. since 2010 only 3 children are born positive!
Nina and Hulda also went to the newborn twins with baby diapers and clothes and found out that the little girl got named Nina.

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