Thursday juni 20

Today we made a field trip. We left Wagwe in the morning. First we had a stop in Kendu- Bay to buy water and lunch food then we went on to the village of Kobala. In Kobala we first visited their local school Osodo. It is both primary and secondary school. We attended lessons with form 1&2 in secondary school. Osodo, like most other schools here are very poor, they are still in process of building the classrooms for secondary school and form three uses one that is without doors and windows, it looks like a construction site.

The students and teachers were very enthusiastic, and as they told us, having the possibility to attend secondary school without having to travel makes the education possible for so many more of them. Otherwise, in this area it is very common that the secondary schools is placed further away from the villages and boarding is very common, but expensive for the family’s. a regular income is around 8000 kesh a month if you don’t have a degree and the school fee is around 40 000:-.

After we visited the school and our lunch break at Alice’s house, we walked to the beach in Kobala. The rumor said that a Hippo was out!
There were many people by the river and there it was, we got to see a real Hippo just 100 meters away. It was huge! As we walked of, quite impressed we were told it was just a little kid…

That made us more willing to listen to the warning not to leave the house in Wagwe after dark, since Sanda beach, just below us are full with Hippos at night. There they have destroyed every attempt to grove anything on the fields by the lake.

So after Kobala our trip took us to Ongalo mixed secondary school. We are renting their school bus for our transports and they invited us to a performance. Ongalo have 380 students, both day and boarding students. They have two dorms, the girl house with 68 students and the boys house with 100 students.

At the performance they were dancing and singing traditional song and we hope to publish pictures and movies when we have a better net.

When we got back to Wagwe I (Nina) got a big surprise, the people at home had planned a birthday party, decorated the house and baked a birthday cake! I was so surprised and happy! What a day, what a birthday! In the morning I was also granted with breakfast in bed and wonderful singing from the group. :-)

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